Wednesday, December 23, 2009

what happened Em?

Has anyone really been listening to Em since his return to the game? Does anyone else think, while it was mildly entertaining, the content of Relapse overshadow any lyrical value on the album? Honestly, i dont care how ill you say it, or your word play, i have zero interest or life relation to serial killings, weird accents and heavy drug addiction. That not the type of shit I want to hear from least not for a whole album.....

Relapse was booty meat....point blank. Almost as big a fail as Encore (with the comic dog songs and shit).

To me and most of the world, Em is clearly top 5. In my opinion, Em was his nicest around the 8 mile time frame. Right as 50 was getting hot, Banks was killing the punch line scene and the south actually had some descent representation (Luda, TI, etc.), Em was a monster. It was, again in my opinion, his peak.

"I float like Big's spirit in this bitch I'm ghostly/ rush me, cause you ain't gonna live to roast me" - Say my name

His whole flow on a track like "rabbit run" is what I wanna hear from Em. The "renegade" flow...the "say what you say" flow.

"Drop the world" is a track that the 2003 Em would have merked. "Forever" as well. Using phrases like "whoa" and "oh no" to complete the bars is on some elementary lyrical shit. I do like both songs, but just a disappointing effort.

All you see and hear is people glorifying Em's return....when in reality, it feels forced. Its not the same....almost sounds like he is trying....when he never had to before.

Maybe I am just spoiled by the old Em....maybe listening to heavy rotation of Joell Ortiz, Papoose (older poose that is, not that "haterblocker"shit), slaughterhouse and such has set the bar higher then it was in 03...

I dont know what it is....but am i the only one who has been greatly disappointed with Em lately? Am i the only one not caught up in name and actually still looking for performance?

Monday, September 15, 2008

What in the hood sh*t?

So now, the climate in hip hop has resorted to tight jeans, the vocoder and 35 plus yr old rappers? Is that how shit goes down out here? I mean, Nelly has an album coming out tomorrow and I cant even name one single off that shit. Kanye West just put out the worst record this side of August.....and 50 still talking shit? I love the character that 50 plays...the ultimate villain. But I gotta admit, his beefing is getting tired. I think, if he goes back to the original formula of Dre beats and some collabos (See Eminem, Luda and Jadakiss), his next record could blow the doors off Curtis. But anyway, back to the matter at hand....

Why is it cool for dudes to walk around in the mall with girls jeans on? Matter of fact, why is it cool for Lil Wayne to rock whatever the fuck he was rockin on SNL? The Hip Hop community, black, white or whoever, really need to unify the voice and shout "STOP THIS FAGMAN SHIT". No disrespect to the queer community intended...but seriously. I think, we been given too many passes lately....

men kissing men does not equal hip hop.
men having songs that refer to licking lollipops does not equal hip hop.
men blatantly fabricating their past does not equal hip hop.
good artist getting shelved does not equal hip hop.

that's just a few.

In any event, prep yourselves for the upcoming debates and make an educated decision. Its either:
Democratic: Overrated Presidential Candidate with a resume that couldn't manage the food court at USC and old timer Biden whose a career bill passing pocket stuffer....


Republican: war hero turnt crypt keeper....who will be making executive decisions between selecting items off the early bird menu at Denny's and the Milf (potential VPilf) with teenage daughters that like to fuck and what I think would be a mean neck game.

This country, this music shit....on its way to hell in a hand basket....or, for the tight-jeaners...maybe a purse.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fresh Line Up...Fresh Outfit...bout to have the cells on Smash

Seriously? A C.O.? Fuckouttahere Ricky.....
First, let me point out that I have never, nor will ever, purchase a Rick Ross Cd, Mixtape or fucking T-shirt. However, you might've caught me knockin some illegally downloaded shit in my whip from time to time (Everyday I'm Hustlin.....)

Here's the thing; I don't really care what Rick Ross was doing because I always knew he was not moving weight (his body excluded) and never meet Noreaga (Fat spanish dude from Queens excluded). The problem is, he made up some silly shit about being something he never was....
"Nigga; you ain't live it you witnessed it from your folks pad.....You scribbled in your notepad and created your life" (Jay-z) If you wouldn't accept your homey lying to you about some shit....why do we gotta accept it from entertainers? Why didn't Ricky try to stop this shit from the gate...on some Blow shit like "I used the C.O. status to make connects" how Johnny Depp learned about Yay in Prison? That shit woulda been smart....

Here's the thing, I think we can trace all this shit back to 50 cent. And by "all this shit" I mean the problems in hip-hop. Think about it, he made fans start caring about sales numbers, he made fans think about hood credibility, he made fans worry about the gangsta image rather then the music. Tupac went to a special school for arts....and nobody cared cause his music was what counted. Biggie never had to be anything but a fat black high school drop with a lazy eye....cause he killed that slow flow ("showed they toes, you know they got stepped on"). But ever since 50 survived some gun shots....everyone is a gun busser and moving keys......its fucking disgusting. And to make matters....50 had that credibility. Had....(still copped the g-unit...and it is 4/5)

Bottom line is, rappers need to be honest....actors get paid to act...not rappers.

FYI - hip hop aint dead....just the good rappers are.

Friday, May 2, 2008

what a waste

So, have you guys heard that LL Cool J "Five Boroughs are back" song yet? What an excellent concept....that materialized into pure dukey. For those of you who have not heard it yet, the concept was to have a rapper from each of New Yorks 5 boroughs spit a verse. The only problem is, the rapper selection was so poor that it nullifies that goodness of the idea. I mean, Jim Jones?? How long can this dude run with that BALLIN shit? The way it is now, you have Jim Jones for Manhattan, KRS-One for BX, Method Man for Staten Island, Lil Kim for BK and LL for Queens. To be nice, the song is alright. But given the concept, I propose this could have been much better....especially if the would allow 2 rappers from each borough. Imagine this track:

Nas & LL for Queens
Jay-Z & Papoose for BK
Meth and Rae from S.I.
Old Pun verse and Krs for BX
Old Big L verse and Anyone other then Jim Jones for Manhattan.

That shit would be fire......

Following the same train of thought, what line up would you put together for a US remix? I would suggest 2 rappers from each region (east, west, south, south central(texas is mad big!) and midwest). I think mine would look like this:

East - Jay and Nas
South - Luda and TI
West - Snoop and Game (pains me to say it)
South central - Scarface and Bun B
Midwest - Eminem and Royce da 5'9

What do you think?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

That pretty much locks it up....

I was going to go in on the republican candidates, but given that Shit Romney just pulled the plug on his run, it pretty much locks up an already leading Mccain. Personally, I think Mccain is a decent choice (I guess). I do disagree with some of his bullshit, namely his immigration and extended Iraq policies. That and the guy is like 200 years old. Most guys his age are trying to remember where they left the Fixodent. I hope he doesn't start hosting BINGO games in the oval office. However, he was supposedly tortured for like 5 years out in Vietnam or someshit which, if true, means that he can look at all the other candidates and say, "I kept it more realer, and will continue to keep it more realer. How's that for experience?" I'm sure some of the details surrounding the actual imprisonment have been embellished, but fuck it. If I came home from a POW camp (which is gully enough), I can not say for certain that I wouldn't exaggerate at least a know, just to make myself look like the man. Can't knock that hustle.....

I should probably do some work here, considering that I am at work, but, to quote my favorite online video of the moment "not now chief, I'm in the zone!"

Like most people, I have my reservations with regards to the war in Iraq. I wouldn't quite put myself amongst the overly liberal humanitarian types, but I have a few problems with the way shit is being handled over there. I am just unsure why we continue to risk American lives to help people who blow themselves up. If the people of Iraq truly wanted a Democratic state, let that be their fucking job. I think that we should just be more forward about our agenda. Once we got Saddam out of power, we should have just jacked the resources (umm oil!) that we wanted and kept it moving. It's no fucking secret that we have a vested economic interest in the region. You know notable politicians and military minds in American history, such as George Washington, warned of the issues we could run into when we begin to overextend our influence into the affairs of foreign nations. I think we should have listened.....

Also, what's the deal with our military? No disrespect to any service members, but fuck. Are we going full scale over there? If what we are seeing from Iraq is any indication of the current strength of our military presence, it is pretty sad. With every bombed market or roadside massacre, we are losing the respect from the other superpowers. That is one reason why I disagree with the troop removal from Iraq. I would rather see the troops from around the globe be brought home to there families and send a full scale military intervention in Iraq. I do not think a cut a run is the way out. We have invested time, money and lives to this mission and it should be completed before we exit. However, the plan for its completion needs a serious adjustment. Namely, we just need to get a little bit grimmier.

I am not void of moral beliefs or sympathy for innocent civilians, but I think the time comes when we must gage the value of American soldiers over the bystanders. I mean, this is a war isn't it? I feel as though our lax approach of maintaining daily civility is one major cause for the continued aggression against our occupancy. It is extremely difficult to conquer an enemy we cannot see. As Katt Williams put it, "Can anyone tell me what the Iraq military uniform looks like?" In other words, we are not fighting a convention war against a convention army. This calls for unconventional measures. I do not have the answers as to how, but I feel a swift tomahawk missile attack would do the trick! No, but seriously, a quick and forceful (6 months, with an increase 100K troops) attack plan before a full withdrawal could prove beneficial. If nothing else, it sends the message to the world that we do not back down or leave a mission incomplete. (I am not sitting in my cubicle with a bald eagle bandana on or pumping my fist in the air, I'm just saying!)

In any event....holler for Ron Paul. Mccain means more Iraq and open borders. Just my opinion, for the two or maybe three people that will read this.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Vote or Don't...

With all the buzz around the silly ass "super Tuesday" voting nonsense, I figured I would chime in on my position. I will start by saying that I am officially endorsing a person with no shot at making it, but fuck it....Ron Paul, Holla! Anyway, I have been paying some attention (and by some attention I mean that a show was on when I woke up to take a piss the other night and it caught my attention for about twelve minutes) to these silly elections. Take the quiz below and see who you fucks with!

Below, I will make some quick judgments and give you my opinion of each candidate:

Obama: He seems like the lesser of two evils when it comes to going democratic. I don't by into the "lacks experience" argument because experience does not equate to capability. He seems a little to idealistic and while he presents seemingly plausible goals, he reminds me of the kid in your local grammar school student council elections that promised to get chocolate milk out of the water fountains and no homework on Friday's.

Pro :
He did stand forth with his belief that the Iraq War was worse then blood money in a pimps cum. And, he did it at a time when the approval rating for both Bush and the War were in the 90% range. Basically, he was firm in his decision and stood by it whilst campaigning for a run in the Senate. Therefore, he was willing to risk his potential politcial career by expressing a then unpopular opinion. In addition, he had the foresight to see what a shit storm we were walking into.

Having the middle name of "Hussein" does not sit well with some, especially those crazy middle Americans. That, in combination with his skin color, seems to bother the less educated population. Personally, the only problems I have is what was mentioned above. His ideals sound great, but seem to lack substance.

I guess I'm a hater, but I just don't like this bitch. It is just something she gives off that makes me think about slapping her with my strong hand, directly following a snowball fight. I guess the whole Clinton/Bush Dynasty creates a little resentment in me as well. And what experience does she have? She was the first lady to the most overrated president in history. She is just trying to use the popularity of her husbands' presidency for her own political success.

She seems to have a better grasp of the political process. Also, I think she is a little more realistic with her goals in regards to troop withdrawal and immigration.

She seemed to outline an okay health care reform model, but then realized she needed the financial backing from the Big Healthcare I guess that will need adjustments. Also, she is a woman. And no offense to women, but they are a crazy breed. We can have her mad at the Cabinet members because of the way they said something. Iran may need to be ready to go if Hillary is on the rag. (Side note: What kind of woman won't give her husband, who happends to be the fucking President of the United States, a descent blowjob? Instead, the poor man is forced to shot his load on the dress of some fat secretary.)

Check back tomorrow for a better look at the republican candidates.

Monday, February 4, 2008

what the dog shit?

First and foremost, I take nothing from a Giant team that slapped the Pats in the jibbs. Having said that, I think the Pats looked more like the Jets last night. Can someone explain to me why you don't kick a 49 yard field goal on 4th and 13? Or better yet, why is your 4th and 13 play a lob to a double covered Jabar Gaffney in the end zone? Shady.....

How about the 12 players on the field challenge? So you challenge that, but not the blantant fumble recovery that was taken away? Once the Patriot recovered the fumble and was touched....the play was over. Never mind being rolled over and having the ball taken from you. Granted, that was a supreme bitch move to allow the ball to be taken, but it should have been reviewed nonetheless.

Don't even get me started on the clock during the Giants last drive. There was a sequence, at about 1:28, when the clock just didn't run. Or, the clock stops because the jack-off ref's are trying to determine if the ball was a first down....and it just didn't start up again.

In addition, this was by far the poorest officiated game I have seen in a while. The ridiculous push off by Toomer was hysterical. The amazing (an it truly showed heart by Eli) sack evasion, should have been whistled dead per the stated rules "Officials are to blow the play dead as soon as the quarterback is clearly in the grasp and control of any tackler, and his safety is in jeopardy." Eli made a great play and Tyree was really using his head on that catch! (See what i did there....Zing!)

The Giants played excellent football, on both sides of the ball. The Patriots...not so much. I think the Giants deserved the win. But, in the spirit of hating, I want to state that I think their victory was due to one of three reasons:

1) Tom Brady found out that Moss went ass-to-mouth on Gisele the night before, thus causing his inability to focus.

2) Eli Manning received stem-cells to help recover from the obvious "short bus" gene in his pedigree. He, for the first time, seemed to have a clear understanding of where he was.

3) Bellichek and the Pats find it much harder to call the plays of the league leading offense when they can't film your defensive signals. Fucking rules......