Wednesday, December 23, 2009

what happened Em?

Has anyone really been listening to Em since his return to the game? Does anyone else think, while it was mildly entertaining, the content of Relapse overshadow any lyrical value on the album? Honestly, i dont care how ill you say it, or your word play, i have zero interest or life relation to serial killings, weird accents and heavy drug addiction. That not the type of shit I want to hear from least not for a whole album.....

Relapse was booty meat....point blank. Almost as big a fail as Encore (with the comic dog songs and shit).

To me and most of the world, Em is clearly top 5. In my opinion, Em was his nicest around the 8 mile time frame. Right as 50 was getting hot, Banks was killing the punch line scene and the south actually had some descent representation (Luda, TI, etc.), Em was a monster. It was, again in my opinion, his peak.

"I float like Big's spirit in this bitch I'm ghostly/ rush me, cause you ain't gonna live to roast me" - Say my name

His whole flow on a track like "rabbit run" is what I wanna hear from Em. The "renegade" flow...the "say what you say" flow.

"Drop the world" is a track that the 2003 Em would have merked. "Forever" as well. Using phrases like "whoa" and "oh no" to complete the bars is on some elementary lyrical shit. I do like both songs, but just a disappointing effort.

All you see and hear is people glorifying Em's return....when in reality, it feels forced. Its not the same....almost sounds like he is trying....when he never had to before.

Maybe I am just spoiled by the old Em....maybe listening to heavy rotation of Joell Ortiz, Papoose (older poose that is, not that "haterblocker"shit), slaughterhouse and such has set the bar higher then it was in 03...

I dont know what it is....but am i the only one who has been greatly disappointed with Em lately? Am i the only one not caught up in name and actually still looking for performance?


Tony Grands said...

Nah, you're not the only one. I wasn't moved by his return. I don't take anything from him, because if he never rapped again, he'll always be Em, but he's a shell of the MC he once was.

Thats not a bad thing, because he can still blow dudes out of the water without effort, but he spoiled me with the first 2 albums, & all the cameos, features, etc, that he was doing back then.

He was like a rap comic book, hero & villian @ the same time. Then it fizzled, then he started producing, then he sobered up, which brings us to a great MC who appears to be trying to recapture his youth, but can't & won't.

He'll always be Eminem & Slim Shady to me, but these days, it's truly the Marshall Mathers show.

There's a pretty good chance that I'll never buy an Em album again. I'll just keep listening to SSLP over & over, like I've been doing all along.

Oh, that insult dog, who used to be on Conan O'Brien, was the best thing about Encore. I tried to tell myself otherwise, but no dice.

realtype said...

thanks Tony....appreciate the comment fam.

I think eminem show or MMLP are his best, follwed by SSLP and 8 Mile soundtrack....