Monday, September 15, 2008

What in the hood sh*t?

So now, the climate in hip hop has resorted to tight jeans, the vocoder and 35 plus yr old rappers? Is that how shit goes down out here? I mean, Nelly has an album coming out tomorrow and I cant even name one single off that shit. Kanye West just put out the worst record this side of August.....and 50 still talking shit? I love the character that 50 plays...the ultimate villain. But I gotta admit, his beefing is getting tired. I think, if he goes back to the original formula of Dre beats and some collabos (See Eminem, Luda and Jadakiss), his next record could blow the doors off Curtis. But anyway, back to the matter at hand....

Why is it cool for dudes to walk around in the mall with girls jeans on? Matter of fact, why is it cool for Lil Wayne to rock whatever the fuck he was rockin on SNL? The Hip Hop community, black, white or whoever, really need to unify the voice and shout "STOP THIS FAGMAN SHIT". No disrespect to the queer community intended...but seriously. I think, we been given too many passes lately....

men kissing men does not equal hip hop.
men having songs that refer to licking lollipops does not equal hip hop.
men blatantly fabricating their past does not equal hip hop.
good artist getting shelved does not equal hip hop.

that's just a few.

In any event, prep yourselves for the upcoming debates and make an educated decision. Its either:
Democratic: Overrated Presidential Candidate with a resume that couldn't manage the food court at USC and old timer Biden whose a career bill passing pocket stuffer....


Republican: war hero turnt crypt keeper....who will be making executive decisions between selecting items off the early bird menu at Denny's and the Milf (potential VPilf) with teenage daughters that like to fuck and what I think would be a mean neck game.

This country, this music shit....on its way to hell in a hand basket....or, for the tight-jeaners...maybe a purse.

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