Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fresh Line Up...Fresh Outfit...bout to have the cells on Smash

Seriously? A C.O.? Fuckouttahere Ricky.....
First, let me point out that I have never, nor will ever, purchase a Rick Ross Cd, Mixtape or fucking T-shirt. However, you might've caught me knockin some illegally downloaded shit in my whip from time to time (Everyday I'm Hustlin.....)

Here's the thing; I don't really care what Rick Ross was doing because I always knew he was not moving weight (his body excluded) and never meet Noreaga (Fat spanish dude from Queens excluded). The problem is, he made up some silly shit about being something he never was....
"Nigga; you ain't live it you witnessed it from your folks pad.....You scribbled in your notepad and created your life" (Jay-z) If you wouldn't accept your homey lying to you about some shit....why do we gotta accept it from entertainers? Why didn't Ricky try to stop this shit from the gate...on some Blow shit like "I used the C.O. status to make connects".....like how Johnny Depp learned about Yay in Prison? That shit woulda been smart....

Here's the thing, I think we can trace all this shit back to 50 cent. And by "all this shit" I mean the problems in hip-hop. Think about it, he made fans start caring about sales numbers, he made fans think about hood credibility, he made fans worry about the gangsta image rather then the music. Tupac went to a special school for arts....and nobody cared cause his music was what counted. Biggie never had to be anything but a fat black high school drop with a lazy eye....cause he killed that slow flow ("showed they toes, you know they got stepped on"). But ever since 50 survived some gun shots....everyone is a gun busser and moving keys......its fucking disgusting. And to make matters....50 had that credibility. Had....(still copped the g-unit...and it is 4/5)

Bottom line is, rappers need to be honest....actors get paid to act...not rappers.

FYI - hip hop aint dead....just the good rappers are.

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