Friday, May 2, 2008

what a waste

So, have you guys heard that LL Cool J "Five Boroughs are back" song yet? What an excellent concept....that materialized into pure dukey. For those of you who have not heard it yet, the concept was to have a rapper from each of New Yorks 5 boroughs spit a verse. The only problem is, the rapper selection was so poor that it nullifies that goodness of the idea. I mean, Jim Jones?? How long can this dude run with that BALLIN shit? The way it is now, you have Jim Jones for Manhattan, KRS-One for BX, Method Man for Staten Island, Lil Kim for BK and LL for Queens. To be nice, the song is alright. But given the concept, I propose this could have been much better....especially if the would allow 2 rappers from each borough. Imagine this track:

Nas & LL for Queens
Jay-Z & Papoose for BK
Meth and Rae from S.I.
Old Pun verse and Krs for BX
Old Big L verse and Anyone other then Jim Jones for Manhattan.

That shit would be fire......

Following the same train of thought, what line up would you put together for a US remix? I would suggest 2 rappers from each region (east, west, south, south central(texas is mad big!) and midwest). I think mine would look like this:

East - Jay and Nas
South - Luda and TI
West - Snoop and Game (pains me to say it)
South central - Scarface and Bun B
Midwest - Eminem and Royce da 5'9

What do you think?

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