Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Vote or Don't...

With all the buzz around the silly ass "super Tuesday" voting nonsense, I figured I would chime in on my position. I will start by saying that I am officially endorsing a person with no shot at making it, but fuck it....Ron Paul, Holla! Anyway, I have been paying some attention (and by some attention I mean that a show was on when I woke up to take a piss the other night and it caught my attention for about twelve minutes) to these silly elections. Take the quiz below and see who you fucks with!

Below, I will make some quick judgments and give you my opinion of each candidate:

Obama: He seems like the lesser of two evils when it comes to going democratic. I don't by into the "lacks experience" argument because experience does not equate to capability. He seems a little to idealistic and while he presents seemingly plausible goals, he reminds me of the kid in your local grammar school student council elections that promised to get chocolate milk out of the water fountains and no homework on Friday's.

Pro :
He did stand forth with his belief that the Iraq War was worse then blood money in a pimps cum. And, he did it at a time when the approval rating for both Bush and the War were in the 90% range. Basically, he was firm in his decision and stood by it whilst campaigning for a run in the Senate. Therefore, he was willing to risk his potential politcial career by expressing a then unpopular opinion. In addition, he had the foresight to see what a shit storm we were walking into.

Having the middle name of "Hussein" does not sit well with some, especially those crazy middle Americans. That, in combination with his skin color, seems to bother the less educated population. Personally, the only problems I have is what was mentioned above. His ideals sound great, but seem to lack substance.

I guess I'm a hater, but I just don't like this bitch. It is just something she gives off that makes me think about slapping her with my strong hand, directly following a snowball fight. I guess the whole Clinton/Bush Dynasty creates a little resentment in me as well. And what experience does she have? She was the first lady to the most overrated president in history. She is just trying to use the popularity of her husbands' presidency for her own political success.

She seems to have a better grasp of the political process. Also, I think she is a little more realistic with her goals in regards to troop withdrawal and immigration.

She seemed to outline an okay health care reform model, but then realized she needed the financial backing from the Big Healthcare I guess that will need adjustments. Also, she is a woman. And no offense to women, but they are a crazy breed. We can have her mad at the Cabinet members because of the way they said something. Iran may need to be ready to go if Hillary is on the rag. (Side note: What kind of woman won't give her husband, who happends to be the fucking President of the United States, a descent blowjob? Instead, the poor man is forced to shot his load on the dress of some fat secretary.)

Check back tomorrow for a better look at the republican candidates.

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