Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The super bowl

Those Giants made it in. No thanks to the stellar performance of their shitty kicker. I thought the Giant fans would get the same bitter taste in their mouth that my faithful Jets gave me when their kicker missed those FG's in Pittsburgh a few years back. Luckily, the Giants D has been holding shit down. Also, that Bradshaw kid can run the ball and mixes in well with the brick shit house Brandon Jacobs. Also, Plaxiglass seems like he is magically healed from the injury that has "plagued" him all year. That is a good sign. Too bad cheater Bill is going to expose just how bad Eli is. The more time without the ball in the hands of Eli, the better for Giant fans. Sure, he has been playing mistake free this postseason, but there is more to winning super bowls then just not making mistakes. Either way, win or lose, Eli still sucks! If that guys doesn't hold the recessive down syndrome gene, then the sky ain't blue.

The worst part about this whole shit show, is now I have to sit around for two weeks listening to the Giant fans tell me how close the last game of the season was. While the score sure does reflect a close game, many people conveniently forget the 2 fluke TD's the Giants got. First, the kickoff return by some guys named Hixon, and the second at the end of the game during prevent defense "junk time". Take those two scores away, and the final is 38-21. Also, the Pats made 3 trips to the red zone which led to FG's. I think we all know that not getting in the end zone is a rarity for the Pats.

Oh, and what about the pressure. The Giants were playing for their shot at history with that last game. If they win, they knock off the undefeated team. If they lose, they were supposed to. This time, the pressure is equal.

The media will continue to point to the last game of the season as the turning point for the G-men. You know the Pats are good when losing to them is your teams highlight. I do not doubt the turn around in the Giants. Going into Tamps, Dallas & the Ice Shit house in Wisconsin is no easy task. They are playing some promising football. But, we cannot assume the momentum to belong to the Giants. Remember that ole 18-0 record, that defines momentum.

Then there is the boot. All of a sudden, Tom Brady was seen sporting some sort of air cast. If you ask me, he is just doing it for the bitches. Now, when he throws 5 touchdowns in the Superbowl, the media can slurp him off about how he did it on an injured foot. I hope fucking Strahan breaks his fucking leg off!

I am torn because I want to see the Giants win, just to rep the State, but I also want to see them get blown out. I think the reasoning for that second wish is multi-tier. First, I have been watching these Patriot duchebags all year with this fucking perfect season shit, I just want it to be completed. This way, I don't have to hear about how good the Florida smart fish were in 72 or the tenacious D of the 85 bears. I can look at all those old fucks and say that the best team of all time is from this generation, fueled with HGH, steroids, the Pacman Jones' and dog slayers, but this generation nonetheless. Also, I want to be able to look at the faces of the disappointed Giant fans and see them feeling a small piece of what a Jet fan deals with each year.

You may say I'm being a hater, but the fact remains, the Giants will not win. They got smoked by the Vikings! Also, check the stats of the Patriots under cheater Bill when he has two weeks to prepare. All I'm saying is: Giant fans should just be happy to be here, but this is where the road ends. Any given Sunday, yea I know. But not Sunday February 3rd for the G-men.

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