Monday, January 28, 2008

Flying?? That shits for the birds...

As I sit here at work shuffling between quotes and orders alike, I use the downtime to get my daily dose of the web. I move from gossip site to ESPN to hip-hop sites and finally the good ole' I guess you could criticize the fact that I go from Hollywood bullshit to sports and music before the news, but that just shows how comfortable I have become. In turn, I found an article showing how lax we as a society have become. So, to get to the point, I came across an article about the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) getting the proverbial long stroke (similar to that of Ron Jeremy) when an undercover government agent successfully smuggled a fake bomb onto an airplane. Maybe the overweight hood rich broad at the x-ray machine should have payed more attention to the job rather then her 2 inch finger nails. I bet if the agent had a Gucci bag, she would have noticed. Nevertheless, the whole increased airport security idea was fucked from jump street. I mean, with the amount of civil liberty enthusiast in addition to a well publicized "non profiling" policy of the agency, how in the fuck can we expect the security to be worth a shit. I've seen far better security at the NYC clubs, and far better policies for that matter. Sadly, the larger majority of people fail to realize that the same freedoms we cherish, are the same reasons we are so prime for the picking. Had this been a real attempt by a real terrorist, shit would be all over the news. Because it wasn't, we will continue to think shit is sweet and check on whether Britney Spears's vagina was exposed again.

Short and sweet today, like a midget with a fudge-pop. Bottom line is: if you are thinking about flying, you may want to consider greyhound. If we were meant to fly, we'd a been given wings. I know the overwhelming statistics showing air travel as the safest way to travel, but anyone ever meet a survivor of an airplane crash? I'm just saying.

FYI: Link to britneys vag. Looks like someone left a roastbeef sandwich in the summer sun for a week....

PS - i'd still hit!

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